Chartered accountant in France

Grow safely your business supported by our digital accounting services :

● Customized support
● Balance sheets, VAT, Financial statements
● No manual entry, 100% paperless

Member of French Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Online accountant in France
Chartered Certified Accountants at your service.

A multidisciplinary and multi-lingual team, supervised by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA of New-York). We are able to meet your needs in complex international environnement.

SBA Compta, gestion comptable performante

Dedicated accountant

Chartered certified accountants, tax specialists and a dedicated accounting officer advise and support you on a daily basis.
Accompagnement comptable dédié

Effective Management

No more missing documents. Real time online bookkeeping. KPIs available on Web dashboard and mobile app.

Expert comptable en ligne, gain de temps aucune saisie

Time gain

Automated integration of bank and invoice data. Automated bookkeeping entries. No manual entry. We make your accounting easy.

Reliable guidance, key indicators & dashboard.
The accounting you have been waiting for.

Expertise comptable en ligne, gérez votre entreprise de partout, à n'importe quel moment
Expertise humaine, plus qu'un comptable dédié

Human expertise,
more than a dedicated accountant.

A team of experts who know your specificities and need for support, answer your questions quickly and help you make the right decisions.

Comptabilité simple, fluide et sans efforts

Smooth and simple accounting.

Your bookkeeping effortlessly up to date. From documents digital collection to Financial Statements, SBA Compta frees you from financial constraints.

Comptable en ligne, visibilité financière et données fiables

Financial visibility,
reliable data.

Key indicators and real-time dashboard provide a reliable financial visibility on your business. Enhance your performance and boost your activity.

SBA Compta, espace client mobile et sécurisé

Cloud-based accountancy.
Any place, any time.

Manage your business everywhere at any time. Your accounting documents are gathered and organized on your secured digital account.

Simple & smart accounting.
Your 3.0 chartered accountant

Forget lost invoices, tax reports delays, unclear general ledgers and endless discussions with tax administrations.

Business advice

Financial statements

Tax reports
Payroll services
SBA Compta, comptabilité d'engagement au fil de l'eau

Go with the flow

Your bookkeeping up to date and error-free. No manual input, nor bank reconciliation, nor categorization.

Vos obligations comptables bien gérées


Your legal and tax obligations well managed, your data secured. You can focus on your business.

SBA Compta, les bonnes informations au bon moment

Accounts Receivable

Keep an eye on your accounts receivable and payable. Remind your debtors in 1 click through our app. Get paid quicker!

Comptabilité en temps réel

Real time Management

Real time cash position, tracking dashboard, Key performance indicators. Get a complete view of your business financials.

Full-service Real time Accounting.
Why choose SBA Compta?

SBA Compta makes your business easier. Any question ? Your dedicated Business Coach answers within the day and helps you make the right decision.

Expert comptable en ligne, aucune saisie

1. Upload your documents
on your secured online account

Forget about accounting entries. No more paperwork and lost invoices.

SBA Compta, comptabilité au fil de l'eau

2. You do not have anything
else to do

SBA Compta handles all your accounting paperworks. No manual entry nor allocation to do.

Comptable en ligne, sans erreurs ni retards

3. Your bookkeeping is up-to-date
and error-free

Run your business in real-time and save your time for the most important. It is that simple!

Run your business in real time.

Reliable financial visibility. Enhance your performance and boost your activity.

SBA Compta, optimisez vos performances et passez à la vitesse supérieure


● Monitor your payments and control your costs.
● Keep a close eye on your outstanding invoices.
● Supervise your accounts payable.

● Real time missing documents statement.
● Reliable data and secured digital account.
● Certified balance sheet and financial statement.

The right information at the right time.
Key Indicators and dashboard

Don’t get caught short. Make informed decisions.

Cash flow
Debtors reminder
Missing documents report
Accounts payable
Expense reports
Budget variances

What our customers
say about us

SBA Compta
Online accounting made easy.


Over a coffee at our office in the center of Paris, via Skype, by email or phone, a dedicated team takes care of your business.


Any question ? Your dedicated Business Coach answers within the day and helps you make the right decisions.


SBA Compta handles all your paperworks. You spend less time on your accounting and can entirely focus on your core business.

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SBA Compta, dans la presse et les médias

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